How to Invest and Save Big Money in 2012 and Beyond

Wondering how to invest and where to invest money in mutual funds in 2012 and going forward without paying heavy sales charges, expenses, and fees? Here we spell it out for you so you can put your money to work and invest with confidence.How much does it cost to invest $10,000 in a typical stock fund? This depends on where you invest your money. In a fund company that charges a 5% load (sales charge) it could cost you $500 up front just to invest your money. Then it could cost $200 a year for fund expenses, increasing as the value of your account grows. For a $100,000 rollover from your 401k you could be looking at $5000 off the top and $2000 a year plus perhaps $1500 a year in management fees for your “advisor” who handles your account. These are examples of how not to invest in 2012 and beyond.The secret to how to invest money in funds is to put all of your money to work by avoiding sales charges called “loads. The secret to where to invest is to go with a fund company that offers funds that have no sales charges or extra fees; and also has low expenses. The one thing you can control is your cost of investing. The lower your cost the higher your net returns.Here’s how to invest and really put your money to work in stock funds and bond funds: go with NO-LOAD INDEX FUNDS. Here’s where to invest: with Vanguard or Fidelity, the two biggest fund companies in America. How much will a $10,000 stock fund investment cost you vs. our first example? Zero for sales charges and maybe $25 to $50 per year for expenses. For a $100,000 rollover you could save $5000 up front plus $1750 a year in expenses plus $1500 a year for extra management fees!Just search for NO-LOAD FUNDS on the internet and you will see names like Fidelity, Vanguard, and T Row Price. If you are not quite sure how to invest with them give them a call. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. All fund companies want you to invest your money with them. That’s how they make a living.Investing money in 2012 and beyond could get tricky. You can not predict the markets, but you can control your cost of investing if you know where to invest and how to invest to get your money’s worth.

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