WoW Hunter Guide

Here in our WoW Hunter Guide I will be explaining why you should seriously consider this class if you’re rolling up, ready to create a new character! There are certain things in the Hunter class that make the experience while playing the game much different than all the other classes. So before you go ahead and get started, I have put together a list of things you should know before you get started. Right here in my WoW Hunter Guide.Hunters are the attackers from long range in the game. Although they can be very vulnerable at close quarters due to their limited attacks at this range, they are very handy when it comes to dealing large amounts of damage from a distance. However they are only allowed to wear leather and cloth armor for a long time, until they reach level 40 to be exact! After this, they can train to wear Mail armour which is very handy indeed. They are capable of equipping almost all weapons, the ones which are excluded, maces, two handed maces and wands.One thing people find most appealing about the Hunter class is the ability to acquire a pet for yourself. The Hunter can go and find, train and once it has been it can then be summoned to aid the Hunter in their travels throughout the game. The obvious choice for them is to use them to help you attack, but one of the lesser used, but more effective methods of using them is as follows. Have your pet draw the offensive fire towards itself while you continue the attack on the enemy target from the rear. You will be saving yourself sustaining much damage at all this way.As you will undoubtedly become interested in levelling your character and playing the game you will find that the Hunter class is one of the best to play with. As you play for longer and longer, your pet will become stronger and stronger too. They will survive for longer and allow you to more easily grind levels with their experience at killing enemies with you! The downside to the Hunter class is obviously the armour. At first the cloth will seem rather disappointing, especially if you’ve played with a character that can use plate, but remember to hit that level 40 target so you can wear Mail armour! Until then, an obvious choice for professions would be skinning and leatherworking so you can create the best armour possible for yourself. Or if you’re in need of some quick gold, you can always sell your items at the Auction House.Tips for the Hunter Class· Keeping your pet happy is paramount, feed it regularly otherwise it will rebel against you.
· Not all pets suit everyone’s play style, you will have to experiment which one goes for you best
· Hunters can use traps, learn to use them effectively.

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